Look Ma, New Hands!

As wonderful and charismatic as Odis is, he was not entirely well constructed. Once he started getting regular use we realized that there were a number of alterations in store. Most importantly, his original hands were made of felt and included Velcro patches. We had no need for the Velcro, and it was often an inconvenience when filming and taking photos of Odis waving or holding items. The felt pulled apart easily over time, resulting in the holes that we continuously had to mask. So with the help of Adam Kreutinger's puppet expertise (linked in video description) my wife, co-creator, and crafter extraordinaire made Odis a brand new set of matching hands and feet. No Velcro. Proper foam base instead of fiberfill. Fleece covering instead of felt. With the addition of bendable wire fingers, Odis is spiffed up and ready for new adventures! The video below shows how Nikki replaced his hands, and she couldn't have done it without the help of an extra special friend...

You will see Odis putting his new hands to use in our upcoming promotional video for Midway Village Museum's Tipsy History event. After a great experience promoting and attending the event last summer, we are happy to produce another "period piece" with the assistance of Highland Community College Mass Communications professor, Jim Yeager. The event takes place Saturday, August 8th at Midway Village Museum's Victorian Village; check the event page for description, protocol, and ticket information.

As more businesses open in Illinois, please remember that masks are required in public places where social distancing is not possible. If you wish to go out in public, wearing a mask protects you and those around you from potential viral spread. Essential workers wear them for hours on end, so please do your part while you visit your local museum, store, restaurant, etc.

Keep up with me & Odis on social media as we post updates on nature, garden friends, and new adventures in our community!

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