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So. Many of us have been stuck at home. Museums have been closed. Community events are being rescheduled or outright cancelled. What does that mean for a channel that relies on promoting such culture centers and activities for the bulk of its content? Well, that's a very good question...I'm working on it. Some backyard wildlife ideas are flitting about here at HQ; we'll see what lands and sticks around. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and nature content from our backyard. Leave a comment letting us know what you want to see from me and Odis!

Many museums have provided great e-learning programs through their websites and social media. My kids love dinosaurs and wildlife, so we have streamed live educational videos from Burpee Museum and Dinosaur National Monument recently. These efforts make it easy to stay in touch with your local museum folks as well as gaining access to museums that may be too difficult for you to visit, even under normal circumstances. Seek out those opportunities and you could see virtual tours, items that are not on exhibit, or experts answering questions in real time! The willingness of so many dedicated parks and museum staff to pour their time into these virtual presentations illustrates the important role of these cultural and educational institutions, even when we cannot visit them in person, and could help supplement your child's e-curriculum during this isolating time.

Meanwhile, if you missed any of our interviews from Burpee Museum of Natural History's PaleoFest event, check out our playlist on YouTube! Browse the channel a bit; pop on one of our educational adventures while you dust off that mindfulness coloring book you've had for years that still sits with a half dozen unfinished pictures calling to you...or is that just me?

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Explore. Question. Uncrate an adventure in your community (or backyard, stay safe)!

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